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WOC 2022 NEWS!


WOC 2022 New & withdraws

New added player
Kim André Ørbeck-Nilssen - Norway

Veronica Stenberg - Sweden
Henry Aspenryd - Sweden
Jacky Fu - Canada
Sverre Tvedt - Norway
Chanea Lee - Korea

Fantasy Othello Team managers!
If you have any of those players in your team, Remember to replace then before Friday 28th 09:20 CET!


Top-20 Fantasy Othello Challange

The 20 most choosed players in the Fantasy Othello 2022!
140 teams! 79 of 96 players chosed!

85: Akihiro Takahashi, Japan
37: Alessandro Di Mattei, Italy
34: David Hand, GreatBritain
26: Calvin Koh Ding Sheng, Singapore
26: Katie Pihlajapuro, Finland
23: Matthias Berg, Germany
21: Nicky Van den Biggelaar, Netherlands
21: Chun Wan Li, Hong Kong
19: Yoko Sano, United States of America
19: Veronica Stenberg, Sweden
18: Michele Borassi, Switzerland
14: Daniel Dufour, Netherlands
13: Kento Urano, Japan
13: Micky Shifman, Israel
13: Fuyumi Okudaira, Japan
12: Takuji Kashiwabara, France
11: Lucas Cherem de Camargo Rodrigues, Brazil
11: Mehul Vyas, India
10: Helen Dexter, GreatBritain
10: Rémi Tastet, France
10: Daniel Olivares, Argentina
10: Arthur Juigner, Switzerland
Henry Aspenryd
Sverre Tvedt
Jacky Fu
Chanea Lee

Please notice that Jacky Fu, Sverre Tvedt, Bintsa Andriani and Chanea Lee is out of WOC 2022.

100 teams at Fantasy Othello!

The response to the Fantasy Othello has been enormous! After a day online, there are soon over 100 teams registered! there is room for more teams! So tell your friends about Fantasy Othello where they can be Winners, and one will be Fantasy Othello World Champion 2022!

Create your Dream Team at Fantasy Othello!

The WOC 2022 fantasy Othello is online! Create your team of WOC players and try to be the Fantasy Othello World Champion! The top tea wins a Kiwame Othello!

Extended streaming WOC youtube!

On the final day, there will be Studio Othello in up to four different languages! Studio Othello English will broadcast every day. Semi-finals and final will also have Studio Othello in Spanish, French and probably Japanese, direct from Paris!  

WOC 2022 registration closed

96 players from 28 nations are registered for WOC 2022. 
It's a good number considering that there are still many countries that cannot participate due to Covid restrictions.

Reminder Deadline WOC Registration

We remind you all bout the WOC 2022 registration deadline, 15th September.
Contact WOC Office if it is any questions.

Players informations

When you are registered you find your name at the WOC 2022 Teams
Please check your emails. It will be sent out a Welcome-email with important information to you as player. If you not have got it latest 18th September, contact the WOC TD team. 

Reminder about youth age


WOC was cancelled 2022 and 2021, therefor WOF Youth Committee and WOF Tournament Committee decided to this year change the age temporarily for youth players. 

8. Extra youth player:**

Each W.O.F. member can allow one youth player to attend to the W.O.C. 
Each member nation is allowed to send one additional young player as team member.
 A player qualifies as “young” if he/she is aged 16 or less on the 31st of December 2022 (i.e. : he/she must be born later than the 31st of December 2005).

The youth player is included in the 3+1 national team!

The extra Youth player should also be registered latest July 31st, 2022, for the W.O.C. 2022, France. The name registered latest 15th September, 2022.
Parents and folloower to youth players need to register latest July 31st
, 2022. One parent/follower per youth player. 


33 nations & 114 players are now registered for WOC 2022

Here is the list of the granted registered nations August 1st. It may be added some nations coming weeks who not have been granted yet. Players registration deadline is September 15th, so it can be fewer or more players added. 

Algeria, Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Côte d'Ivoire, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, Lithuania, Mongolia, Netherlands, 
Norway, Pakistan, Poland, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, United States, Vietnam

Deadline for WOC 2022 registrations 

The deadline for the national teams registrations for WOC 2022 is July 31st. 

WOC 2022 web site updates

The WOC 2022 website are online! It will be more informations added in the future. The players list will be online the first weeks in August. The Schedule page will be online in september latest.  


The invitations for WOC 2022 is sent out to all W.O.F. members. 

All informations about how to register to WOC, and who can register, you can find here.


WOC 2022 site online!

The WOC 2022 site with all informations about WOC is now online! You can find it at woc2022.worldothello.org.
Please add this link to your federations website. 

At the WOC 2022 site you will find all informations. Teams and players info, venue, latest news and much more!


25 national teams, 88 players, and 20 youth players!