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Participant agreement WOC 2022

Players agreement

World Othello Championship 2022, Paris, France

We ask you to pay special attention to the following rules (the text is abbreviated):

-          During the game, a player may not consult any notes, use any unapproved electronic device, or exchange information of any kind with another person

-          Once the pairings of a round have been announced and until the end of their game, players may not consult any unapproved electronic device.

-          No unapproved electronic devices (mobile phone, laptop, smartwatch…) should be used by the players or spectators in the tournament room. If present, they must be switched off.

-          The WOC Tournament director's team has the ability to check to see if electronic equipment is being used. At the request of the TD, the players should be helpful.

-          To prevent noise in the tournament room when games are in progress, players should not clear the board when their game is finished.

-          Contestants are permitted to observe a game in progress but must not interfere in any way with the conduct of the game. In particular, observers must refrain from making any comments on the game, or in any way distracting the players or the table judge.

-          Only players and staff have the right to be in the WOC tournament rooms.

-          If a tournament game does not have a table judge assigned to it, both players shall be responsible for taking a transcript of the game.

During the game you should also remember that:

-          A player cannot make a move on his opponent’s time.

-          A player commits himself to a move if he touches the board with his hand or with a disc, with the apparent intention of moving to a given square.

-          Once a player has committed himself to a move, he is bound to turn over all of the captured discs. He must do this using one hand only, and then use the same hand to press his clock (even if his opponent passes afterwards).

-          A player must acknowledge that he has to pass by pressing his clock.

-          In the case when a dispute arises that cannot be resolved with the rules below (i.e. disagreement over board position, disagreement over whether a misflip occurred, etc) at a table which does not have a table judge, players should note the time remaining on their clocks and immediately summon the head tournament director or one of his assistants to resolve the dispute.

-          A player forfeits the game unless he can make his final move, flip all the appropriate discs, and stop his clock before the flag on his clock falls. If a player’s flag falls, he loses the game and his opponent is awarded a win regardless of the position of the board.

We strive to follow the tournament schedule. To achieve this, you should:

-          Go to the tournament room immediately when it is time to announce the pairings of next round.

-          Find your table as soon as the pairings are announced.

-          After a game is finished, the players should complete the transcript sheets including signature and results. The transcripts should be handed over to a tournament room official before the players leave the table.

Enforcement of the rules.

-          In order to enforce both the rules of Othello and the World Championship Rules, the head tournament director (and only he/she) may impose penalties on a player or on a spectator.

-          In imposing penalties, the head tournament director should adjust the severity of the penalty to the severity of the offence and never penalise a non-offending player.

-          The decision of the head tournament director shall be final.

The full version of WOC rules is available at: https://www.worldothello.org/about/world-othello-championship/woc-rules

Note that:

We remind you that by registering to WOC2022 you gave the World Othello Federation permission to use your picture and information, such as name, home country, age, occupation and photographs & interviews done by WOF media team on the World Othello Federation’s and the federation members* websites, and live Othello TV streams.

I confirm that I am familiar with the WOC rules and will do my utmost to follow them together with other decisions and directions given by the WOC tournament directors.

WOC 2022, Paris, 27th October 2022

25 national teams, 88 players, and 20 youth players!