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2018 Prague, Czech Republic

3rd Youth WOC 2018, Prague, Czech Republic

The third Youth WOC showed us that the youth players are here to stay! The number of players increased to 17 youth players from 12 federations in 2018.To make things even more interesting, the Youth World Champion also became The World Champion in 2019. Keisuke Fukuchi won the WOC final against Pianyat Aunchele from Thailand. Therefore, there was no Youth Championship final. Felix Juigner, from Switzerland, went from 4th place in 2017, to nabbing a runner up trophy! Danielle Yosifovich was best girl for the second time in a row, with a fourth place finish! 

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Yehor Maksymov against Jana Verstuyft, WOF Live TV                     Yosifovich, Fukuchi, Laufer and Jugnier.                                          All Youth WOC players at stage. 


prague, czech republic


W.C. Keisuke Fukuchi  Japan
RU Félix Juigner   Switzerland
 Third Shachar Laufer   Israel
4 Danielle Yosifovich    Israel
5 Yehor Maksymov   Ukraine
6 Wendy de Graaf   Netherlands
7 Mikael Lee   Korea
8 Nikita ZinĨenko   Czech Republic
9 Gallo Irène Ourega  Ivory Coast
10 Vitek Sládek   Czech Republic
11 Mark Plowman Great Britain
12 Micky Shifman  Israel
13 Rémi Tastet  France
14 Emma Löfroth   Sweden
15 Jana Verstuyft  Belgium
16 Eline Verstuyft   Belgium
17 Eduard Halimon Ukraina


25 national teams, 88 players, and 20 youth players!