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Regulations & important information!

We recommend you to read the WOC  tournqment rules
Download the World Othello Championship tournament rules

Some important things to keep in mind!

* Be in time to the first rounds every day!
It start 08:45 with good morning, information and check so all is there.

* If you be late!
Things happens, and if you be late you must contact the WOC TD so fast as possible. Phone number/Whatsapp
Your clock will be started also if you not there in time. 

* Handshakes
It is always nice to shake hands with your opponent before and after a match. 
Considering the ongoing pandemic, we recommend that it is ok to be polite to each other in ways other than shaking hands.

* Masks
It is not a requirement from the French authorities to use a mask. If you want to use a mask, feel free to do so.
WOC will not hand-hold masks. You must bring this with you if you want to use it.

* Do you feel sick?
As usual, it is prudent not to participate in a tournament if you feel sick and have a fever.
WOC TD can recommend person who is sick not to participate in WOC.

* Before the match!
As this year's WOC is played on three different floors, it is important that you follow the instructions given before each round.
Five minutes before the next round, you will be informed which floor your match will be on. If you are on the wrong floor, it is important that you go to your game room as soon as possible!
When everyone is gathered in the right room, the pairing will be displayed only in the room you will be playing in. When you see which table you will be playing at, you go directly there.
Don't start playing until the Room Manager has said it's ok!

* Clothes and bags!
As there is not enough space in the game rooms for clothes and bags, WOC TD will arrange a wardrobe on the 3rd floor.

* Devices!
No unapproved electronic devices (mobile phone, laptop, smartwatch…) are allowed to be used by the players. or spectators, in the tournament room.
If present, they must be showed for the refetees and be switched off.
Table referees, WOF Media Team and Tournament Directors have right to use devices if needed.
If you have a cell phone that starts ringing or beeping, you may receive a warning, and in the worst case scenario, lose the match you are playing.

* Photographing!
It's fun to have photographs as memories. It is not allowed to use mobile phones in the room to take pictures. Use a camera if you have one. Respect not to take pictures during the match.
WOC 2022 will have photographers walking around taking pictures. You can ask one of them to take the picture you want. and ask them to send it to you.

* After a game
When your game is ended you rais your hand so a Room Crew notice it. 
Sign the transcripts, wait until the Room Crew check it and give you ok to leave the table.
Please dont clear the board. To prevent noise in the playing room when games are in progress, players should not clear the board when their game is finished.

25 national teams, 88 players, and 20 youth players!