Welcome all WOC 2022 Crews

Dear WOC 2022 crews!

It is a great pleasure to welcome you all to the World Othello Championship 2022 in Paris!

This championship in Paris was planned to be played in 2020, but as you know it has been difficult to arrange international events the last 2 years. But even though it is still players that live in countries with restrictions in travelling, there are more than 90 players registered for WOC 2022. And together with the players we are almost 40 crews who will make this WOC to a great event! 

Many of you are also Othelloplayers and have participated in online tournaments the last two years. Thats great to play online, but we know that many of you look forward to meeting your Othello-friends again!

It is our hope that we all will have 4 fantastic fun and memorable days in Paris together! We are looking forward to create an amazing WOC 2002 together with you all!

We welcome you as crew to the World Othello Championship 2022!

WOF Tournament Committee


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2022-09-22  IMPORTANT - Crews information form. 
It is very important that all crews fill in the "Crews information form"!
Here you add informations, travels, if you are vegan or have other wishes regarding food, and other things.

25 national teams, 88 players, and 20 youth players!